Help PSU killing Motherboards...

My PSU started smelling funny (electrical smell) yesterday. I turned it off as soon as i smelled it. After cooling it down now when i reboot the Asrock motherboard comes on and supplies power to everything but the bios never posts... i never hear any beeps and the monitor won't recognize the graphics card. This is the 2nd time this has happened after returning the first motherboard... the replacement worked for a couple weeks and now i am thinking this OCZ psu is just a piece of junk that is ruining my motherboards....

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  1. What is your system configuration?

    What is the OCZ PSU model?
  2. ocz psu model is 600w modxstream pro.
    asrock 970 extreme 3
    g skill sniper 4*4gb 1866mhz
    amd phenom ii six core @ 2.7ghz (oc'ed to 2.9ish)
    geforce gtx 560ti
    corsair f3 120gb ssd
    ocz vertex 120gb ssd

    running windows 7 pro
  3. You wouldn't be the first person to have encountered this problem.

    Looking at the Customer Reviews of the OCZ Technology OCZ600MXSP shows that it has happened to others.

    Example 1:

    Pros: modular, low price

    Cons: It killed my motherboard, and with the new MB, there is no power at all

    Manufacturer Response:

    Hello, we are sorry that you are having problems. This PSU has built in protection circuits that should prevent any component damage. Please contact us at the link below by creating a support ticket. Mention the issues you have had and we can examine your motherboard, and will replace your PSU. If we find that our product has caused damage, we will work with you on a good resolution.
    Thank you

    External Link(s):
    OCZ Support Page

    Example 2:

    Pros: I was not attacked by a rabid badger when I opened the box.

    Cons: This little gem went poof and took my new motherboard along for the ride. Thanks OCZ!!!

    Other Thoughts: This is the second OCZ I have seen go so last time I buy one!

    Manufacturer Response:

    Hello, we are sorry for the problem. We stand behind our products and will be happy to examine your components. Please visit the link below and create a support ticket to get in touch with our staff. Thank you

    External Link(s):
    OCZ Support Page
  4. just bought a coolermaster
  5. With OCZ's track record I wouldn't recommend any of their products regardless of how good or fast they are.

    Yes, all electronics have a chance of failure but with todays "cheaper" parts and just straight garbage quality of products, you have to do a days research to find the best product of things.

    Just don't trust OCZ with anything though.

    In my system I have an Intel CPU, Mushkin RAM, Seagate HDD, Crucial SSD, Cooler Master fan, Artic Silver 5 TIP, can't remember everything else off the top of my head. But not one thing matches just so I could get the best reliability throughout everything.

    Again don't trust or rely on OCZ to ever be a long lasting quality product.
  6. Yes i totally agree... regretting buying their ssd already.. =(
  7. I just wonder if i am going to need a new motherboard now =( probably fried it.
  8. adambeau said:
    just bought a coolermaster

    What model number?
  9. This is sad to hear...both my towers have OCZ PSUs in them, and one has an OCZ SSD...always liked their products, but if they're taking a down-turn like this, maybe I'll have to rethink that in the future.
  10. ko888 said:
    What model number?

    i bought this one, 15% off got it for 96$ when its like 130+ everywhere else!!! never spending 60 on a psu again!

    cooler master has always been good to me.

    thanks guys for your input.
  11. Does anyone know how to reset the motherboard? (like remove the battery or something like that) sorry i know its probably obvious just want to be sure before i try to save it...

    otherwise ill buy a new motherboard... i still like asrock but asus never gave me even ONE problem so it will be hard to justify not buying everything asus that i can.

    thanks again everyone all input is appreciated.
  12. There should be a Clear CMOS Jumper (CLRCMOS1) located near the SATA ports and next to the BIOS chip.

    Clear CMOS Jumper (CLRCMOS1) instructions from the motherboard manual:

    Note: CLRCMOS1 allows you to clear the data in CMOS. To clear and reset the system parameters to default setup, please turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the power supply. After waiting for 15 seconds, use a jumper cap to short pin2 and pin3 on CLRCMOS1 for 5 seconds. However, please do not clear the CMOS right after you update the BIOS. If you need to clear the CMOS when you just finish updating the BIOS, you must boot up the system first, and then shut it down before you do the clear-CMOS action. Please be noted that the password, date, time, user default profile, 1394 GUID and MAC address will be cleared only if the CMOS battery is removed.
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