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Seeking to Upgrade my Graphic Card

Hello Everyone,
My current computer spec is:
*Asus P5B
*E6600 @ 2.4Ghz
* Geforce 7950GT 512Mb
* 2GBRam 800Mhz
* 450W

I know its old, got it for 6 years by far, & I will be upgrading to a new PC, but now - I want to upgrade this one.
I want a new graphic card that can run the last 4 years of games in a very good way, & that can run the new games in a fine-ish way.
So, What I need help from you is this:
1. Upgrade my Graphic Card
2. Upgrade my RAM & if needed, replace the whole thing with new. (to 4GB)
3. I'm using Windows 7 32-Bit, should I move to 64-Bit after the RAM Upgrade?

My budget is.. I don't know to put my finger on, 'cause its different budget in my country so I donno, but 200$ - 300$, & even less, I don't think I need anything really strong to get things right.

Thanks A LOT in advance!
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  1. Sounds like you don't have enough money to do a full upgrade. For now I would overclock the CPU to 3ghz or higher, get 2 more gigs of RAM and get a reasonably priced video card upgrade. What resolution do you use?
  2. Well, actually I wasn't planning on doing a Full-On upgarde.
    I think I was misleading, sry about that.
    I just want a small upgrade to the video card so it can run the games from 2008 to 2010-11 smooth.

    I don't mess around with overclocking, never liked it, & I need to buy cooling to start it, I rather not.
    I'm willing to buy 2GB of Ram - do I need anything special \ specific? I got 2GB 800Mhz I don't know if its DDR2 \ 3 \ whatever.

    & my other thing to upgarde other then RAM, is the Video Card - I'm with a 26" screen - 1920 x 1080.
  3. A better card will certainly help but your processor is too weak for a lot of current games. Overclocking it up to 3ghz can be done on the stock cooler. It is safe and not particularly hard to do. Spend $20-30 on a cooler and you can get it up to 3.5ghz or so. It's really what you should do unless you can afford to replace the cpu/motherboard/ram altogether, which isn't within your budget.
    If you aren't going to OC then I guess something like an HD5770/6770 is the best you should bother with. If you do give it a nice OC then consider an HD6850/70 or GTX 460.
  4. Some fast answering, thanks man. :)
    I don't think I want to go with the OC, Tried it in the past & it wasn't for me really.

    So I'm thinking on what ur saying, the HD5770 or 6770.
    Well, I'm clueless really, what's better?
    I see many versions of them both, could you recommend anything specific?

    And - Geforce is not an option if not overclocked? I usually prefer Geforce - dosen't really matter really but, anything you can recommend at that same class as the HD5770/6770?

    Thanks man, You really are helpful. mean it
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    The HD5770 and HD6770 are in fact the same card. The specific model doesn't matter all that much. The main difference is the cooler and the card is rather low power/heat so cooling isn't all that important.
    The current Nvidia equivalent in terms of performance is the GTX 550 Ti but it is usually overpriced in comparison.
    I highly recommend you reconsider about overclocking the CPU.
  6. I might reconsider, but for now:
    Well, Iv'e read about the GTX550 & it says it handles higher resolution better then the HD6770, & actually Its not alot higher in price - really. but is it really that better? Iv'e got 1920 x 1080 resolution.
    What do you think about this:
    It's factory OC which is always good right? & It's not that high in price.

    & the other option (thx to you) that I managed to think about is this:

    And for the RAM - What do I need? replace the whole 2GB i got with new 4GB or just add 2? cause Iv'e got 2Gb 800mhz - not sure if DDR 2 \ 3 \ whatever..

    Thanks again - We are making progress hehe
  7. Gamer-Emperor said:
    Well, Iv'e read about the GTX550 & it says it handles higher resolution better then the HD6770

    I don't know where you got that from but it is not true. The opposite if anything.
    For the RAM you want DDR2. If you have free slots then just get 2 more gigs of the same speed.
  8. in low price 6670

    in normal range 550ti or 6790

    in bit more

    6850 or gtx460
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