BFG GeForce 9800GT High pich noise when NOT playing games


I just got a BFG GeForce 9800 GT 1Gb Eco and it's making a high pitch noise when it's idol or running simple tasks like Firefox. Yet when i play a Game the noise disappears.

The card needs 350 Watts of power from the PSU and the PSU gives out 375 Watt.

i don't think it's from the fan as i've had a play with Rivatuner. I increased and decreased the speed of the fan to no effect.

Any help is welcome?
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  1. The noise is often capacitor squeal in the PSU because it is working hard, there really is no way to know for sure.

    There really is no do it your self type fix. I have heard of people putting a drop of hot glue at the base of each componite in the PSU to stop the high frequency vibrations, but that sounds a little nuts to me.

    Live with it and hope it goes away or try to borrow a test PSU.
  2. It's definitely from the card. Put my ear to the PSU then the GFX card, I'm 100% sure it's the card.

    Thank you for the reply though.
  3. Sometimes if your card is not getting enough power it will do that. Make sure the 4 or 8 pin connector to the MB is connected and the connectors to the video card. If the PSU can't supply enough power you could have this happen.
  4. Have the same issue with the same card. I just found out that this card was the source. I disconnected the fan on the card for a few seconds but the noise was still there. I removed the card completely from the board, the noise goes away. So yes, it's definately from the card itself. Probably from some electronic components on it. It's a high pitch noise like around 12-14khz, it changes and gets higher when I move the pointer or scroll the page and it's killing me. Thinking about downgrading back to my 8600GTX.
  5. Would voide the warrenty but you could try a dab of hot glue at the base of all the capacitors.
  6. Try considering an upgrade to 560ti. Because it will make better performance for you and get rid of this problem.
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