Please Help decide my Next GPU

I've been looking at cards for the last week and each review i go to tells me what i want to hear but i don't know what card win's out right or what i should be looking for mainly.

I like the HD 6870 and I've looked at GTX 460/470/550 ti SOC/AMP all are in my budget off around £130

What should i get and while and is CUDA and PHYSIC really that important to choose Nvidia over AMD/ATI!

Please help clear the crap from what really matters - Gaming!

Please note I can't afford cards like HD 6950 and cards in that price range!
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  1. Go with 6870. For games Cuda and Physics don't count. I own an 9850 and i play all the games at max.
  2. out of the cards you listed and I hate to say it because I prefer Nvidia cards over AMD. But the 6870 is good for the money. Out of the Nvidia cards don't get the GTX 550 Ti's you will not like them I know I have two of them in SLI on my rig. Some where here on Tom's web site they have a chart to compair graphic cards. It I find it I will repost it so you can check it out for yourself. Inless someone else can do it for me. When it comes to games it is how fast your gpu is and other stuff that works with it like memory etc.
  3. Yes.HD 6870 is a good can also look for GTX 560 or GTX 560ti....
  4. Hi All thanks for reply's just wanted to let you know that i bit the bullet and brought a Power Colour HD 6870 for £126 on offer at

    Thanks for all advice and comments.
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