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I am interested in the quality on the stock water cooler from cyberpower, does it work well? I'm wanting to get an i5 2500k and do some overclocking. Hopefully somewhere around the ~5Ghz mark. I know speeds of ~4.5Ghz are easily possible with an aftermarket air cooler, and I now there are much better water cooling systems out there, I'm just asking if the default water cooler has any significant benefit over the stock cooler.
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  1. quick answere-Yes!.complete watercooling is best cooling IMO.not sure about cyberpower but custom cooling is better.most important thing is personal satisfaction.
    BTW anything above 4.7~4.8 is not worth.don't risk your cpu.get a good air cooler and overclock it to 4.5Ghz,that' ;)
  2. Which water cooling as they offer several from cyberpower branded to sealed water cooling systems. The eco 2 or whet ever it is with the 240 mm radiator isn't bad and neither is the
    corsair branded ones. As for the cyber power branded one I am not so sure as most things branded xtreme gear or branded cyber power are bad. Especially thier PSUs.
    It also depends on the environment your in. i went to the corsair h100 because i live in the desert and the house is usually around 85 degrees in the summer and around 115 to 120 outside.
    if you live in a more moderate climate you may only need to get a very nice air cooler like the frio one they have. or a hyper series and put it in your self.
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