Should wait for the new range od dx 11 cards before buying one ?

theres only seems to be about 10 in existence

Should I just stick with my 9800 gt for now ?
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  1. You are going to be one happy camper when you finally do. That said releases are approx for Q1 2012(big emphasis on approx). If you are willing and can wait then of course it would be best to wait and see what the new 28nm tech is capable of doing. If you really need it then there is still nothing wrong with the available cards today it will last you a long time.
  2. Only 10? Maybe if you count only the AMD cards. I'm sure one of the many cards from either side will do fine.
  3. what cards are dx 11 compatible

    my budget is around 60 pounds
  4. All of the AMD 5xxx and 6xxx cards, as well as Nvidia's GT/GTX4xx and 5xx cards. One of them should interest you.

    If you already have a 9800GT, you should be looking at a GTS450, GTS550, or 5750/5770 (6750/6770 are the same cards with a different name.) minimum. GT430 and 5670, etc are all slower then your card. Not sure what prices are across the pond.
  5. fuggles said:
    theres only seems to be about 10 in existence

    Should I just stick with my 9800 gt for now ?

    What are your current specs? What resolution do you play at?

    If your CPU is too slow, a GPU upgrade may not do much for you, depending on game/resolution etc
  6. i am currently a pentium 4 2.8 ghz with 2gb of ram, lol

    but upgrading to a quad core 3.0ghz AMD 640 with 4gb ram, and windows 7 64 bit

    i play at 1028 x 1024
  7. All cards of the last two generations by both Nvidia and AMD are DX11. For your current CPU the 9800GT is already overpowered so don't bother until you upgrade.
  8. ^ +1, wait for your new build before upgrading. Does your existing rig even have a PCIe slot?
  9. yup, one PCI-E slot,
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