Please Help me build a Desktop Computer

Hello Friends

I am from India and I require help in building/assembling a Desktop

My main requirements are as follows:

Gaming - Skyrim, Crysis, GTA 4, COD, BF3 and future games :kaola:
Desktop Processing
Watching HD movies
Creating HD (atleast 720p) Screencasts (while playing games like Skyrim etc. and while using softwares)
HD Video Editing

2 of my friends suggested me following configuration. My budget is around $600 (30,000 INR):


Intel Core i3 2100
Intel DH67-BL ~ 5800/- OR MSi H67MA-E35
Corsair XMS3 4GB x 1 1600MHz module OR G.Skill equivalent
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 250GB ~ 3900 INR [yes hard drive prices have shot up like anything thanks to floods in Thailand]
AMD HD 6670 OR HD 5770 second-hand [get the HD 5770 second-hand till you get a brand new card later, it performs better than the 6670]
Logitech Media combo [keyboard + mouse]
DVD Writer [Samsung / LG / HP OEM piece]
Seasonic S12II 520W
NZXT Gamma OR NZXT Source 210
Dell IN2030M [20" 720p capable monitor + DVI-out]


Processor: AMD 3.3 GHz AM3 Phenom II 960 Processor
Mobo: ASUS M5A88-M
RAM: 4 GB DDR3 Corsair or Kingston 1600 MHz
GPU: Sapphire HD6770
HDD: Seagate/Hitachi 500 GB 7200rpm
PSU: Corsair CX430V2
Cabinet: Cooler Master Elite 330
DVD RW: Liteon
Monitor: Samsung B2230HD

Can GURUS here please suggest me which one to buy?

If you require any other details, I will provide you

Also, if you want to suggest/add something, please do so

Thanks and Regards

- Mrinmay :)
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  1. The first build looks verry good.
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