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I purchased my son a new computer last year but now all he wants for christmas is an upgraded video card for wow. I know nothing about this stuff. Can anybody suggest the best one to purchase. He wants high graphics. right now his computer has an NVIDIVA GeForce 9100 graphic card up to 2943mb card memory...if that means anything to anyone (because it doesn't to me). It's a 6gb ram 750 gb HD and a 2.8ghz AMD athlon II 240 dual core processor....any suggestions on which graphic card will make the game "rock" for him?
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  1. 560 Ti, its cheap, and will push wow just fine.
  2. 560 Ti or 5770 is still good to play wow.
  3. 560ti is overkill. I run WoW at max settings at 1920x1080 with an EVGA GTX460 768mb, but since those are discontinued, you would do fine with any GTX460 on the market.

    I'd recommend this card.
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