What do you guys think of this NZXT Switch mod idea.

Due to the fact the the front is my only intake for air and top will be for exhaust and my triple rad, the stock front panel is solid with some mesh on the corners for air intake.
like such:

what im thinking of doing is cutting some designs into this panel and putting some fan filters behing it to give it a clean look and allow air in without debris.

design is like so:

and it will look like this on the case:

dont mind the tape lol. so what do you guys think?
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  1. sorry bout that i fixed the links. lol
  2. looks good to me.i will contact 'experts in modding' to check out your thread.
  3. Well designed there Tougas,
    maybe some filter
    or modders mesh to finish off?
  4. Well the entire panel has a dust filter already behind it and the fan mesh I'm using to go behind the cutouts will only really be there for color and protection on the actual fan filter. I currently already have 2 fans installed up front and the bottom fan doesn't show at all because of the recessed mounting style for them. I'm thinking of getting some red led fans just to give it some shine and the mesh I'm getting should be dense enough to only allow the light to bleed through it slightly but it should pour out the original vents on the sides and bottom. It should look interesting
  5. I saw your avatar and thought you were going to do the same thing I plan on doing to the H440: cutting out the Sith Empire logo in the front panel and backlighting it with LED's. Close, but not quite the same.
  6. sorry for the incredibly long delay Naga but thats exactly what I did. This is the final cut tout.
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