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NVidia GTX 570 graphics card and motherboard slots.

I have been doing a lot of researching and thinking about how I will do my own build. I have been wanting to put in an Asus nVidia GTX 570 CUII but notice that the PCI-16X slot is in the middle of the other two PCI slots so this card will not only take up two PCI express slots but also cover a third slot as well. That will leave the top PCI Express slot opoen but also not really usable to me. It basically wipes out 4 slots on the motherboard.

Am I correct on this?

Another other suggested solutions for a nVidia GTX 570 and motherboard combination with Sandy Bridge i7 2600K? I am only interested in putting in one video board.
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    yes you are right--i have one and its a great card--but its huge

    other good gtx570 from evga--msi and gigabyte
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