Confused how to hook up IDE hard drive/CD rom

Well I'm currently building a computer and have pretty much everything done but now I'm confused.

I have an old Western Digital 80gb 7200 RPM hard drive I'm going to use until prices go down and it is IDE connection and I have an HP DVD ROM that is IDE connection also with the 4 plug power cables. I'm trying to install these on my MSI P67a-g43 motherboard and don't understand how I can do this? Do I need some sort of serial to IDE adapter or what do I need to do?
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  1. Ahh ok. IDE has been replaced with SATA. (serial ATA) That board only has SATA plugs. You can get an adapter but they are like 15 bucks and I've had problems with them.
    I would get an SSD, as I've heard prices won't go down soon, and SSD prices are normal right now. Then get a new $20 optical drive that can do everything.
  2. Well I guess I might as well buy an SSD or new hard drive if I'm going to pay $20 for an adapter. You all can tell how long it's been since I built a computer! Like 6 years or so I think, lol. Guess I'll look for a DVD ROM and an SSD or hard drive.
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