Graphics card issue? (460 gtx) *fixed*

I have been working on what I believe to be a graphics card issue for some time now and have had no luck so far. I will be playing borderlands/skyrim/bf3 and all the sudden my screen will freeze and checkered artifacts will popup. (I linked a picture of the screen at the bottom) So when this happens the music i have playing in the background keeps play'n and will move to the next track. I have to reboot the computer to get the screen to drop the frozen frame. My system specs are as follows

cpu: i7 @ 2.66 ghz, not overclocked
ram: 12 gb of OZC DDR3 1600
MoBo: asus p6t deluxe v2
PSU: corsair 650w
Video card: Zotac 460 fermi 2gb
case: Antec 300 illusion black
OS: windows 7 x64

So I am positive it is not the cpu, ram, or mobo. In my mind if one of those what the issue the programs in the background would lock up as well. I have re installed each game. I re installed the drivers. I even reformatted the hdd and re installed the OS. So then I ran furmark 1.9.1. I ran it at 1920x1080, 8x msaa, full screen, for 20 min. the fps averaged 12 with the gpu only reaching a temp of 69c and holding it steady. All the while no errors or issues. At this point im lost. I swapped out a nvidia 275 and it has so far given me no issues at all. Any pointers or ideas would be a great help.

Screen pic:
video card:

So I finally think i have nipped this issue in the bud. After reading several other posts I found that over clocking the card slightly can help. So I did so and now I am having 0 issues even after playing for 2 hours strait. It is strait forward with the msi afterburner overclocker.

:article on doing the actual overclocking:

:MIS Afterburner link:

:GPU-Z gpu monitor:
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  1. Are you running the latest drivers for the GTX 460? If so, and the GTX 275 runs the games flawlessly, one would almost have to suspect a bad card.
  2. I tried the latest drivers then I even did the beta drivers from nvidia. After reading too many forum posts it just looks like the 460 series is a pos and has too many Issues to name.
  3. Really? You could just have gotten a bad card. That doesn't mean they are all crap. I used to have two in SLI and had no issues. The 460s were rated extremely high when they were introduced. As were most Nvidia products. As far as the brand, I can't say.
  4. That Zotac 2GB card only really shows a performance improvement in resolutions greater than 1920X1080
    Other than that, a 460 won't max out BF3. I doubt you are seeing max eye candy with a 275 card either. I don't really see the artifacts you are talking about in your picture unless it's the 'snow looking' stuff. Pic is too small.
    Also, what programs in the background?
    GTX 460's are good cards, can't really comment on the Zotac brand though.
  5. I have not attempted to run the card above that res. I have a monitor that handle that so I will give that a try. BF3 Is not maxed out when it locks up on me either, nor is skyrim or borderlands. The 275 runs skyrim just fine on the same settings, a little choppy if i keep the fade distance up but the main thing is that I can actually play the damn game.

    As far as the picture goes that "snow" pops up and boom that is all she wrote on that session. The program was vlc and some times crome. I have attempted to play it with nothing going on in the background as well and it ends in the same lovely snow on my screen.

    After taking a closer look it seems that many things could be the cause. This Nvidia thread outlines many of them

    Much more testing to do on this and sooo little time! :pfff:
  6. If its still on the warranty why not RMA the card.You could have gotten a bad card...
  7. I am working my way towards that but the RMA takes a month via Zotac. So I would much prefer actually fixing it!
  8. Apparently you didn't buy from Newegg or Tiger, etal. Their RMAs only take the time to get the card back and the new one shipped. Maybe a week and a half. (Provided you meet the RMA requirements)
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