Computer won't start

When I got home today, my computer had shut down for some reason.

When I tried to press the power button, my computer wouldn't start. I have an MSI motherboard; the only response I get once in a while is the OC genie light blinking red for one second, and then nothing happens

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

thanks in advance
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  1. if no fans go on then it might be your psu,
    did you smell anything bad coming from your case?
  2. I just bought my power supply two days ago, it's an OCZ Modxstream 700w. I put in my old 500w to check if it would work, but it still wouldn't turn on.

    I also checked if my CPU was the problem by putting and testing it in my brother's computer, it worked completely fine. Could it be the motherboard? if so, how can I tell?

    The motherboard model is an MSI 870A-G54

  3. Are the 8 pin cpu connectors plugged in? Is the 24 Pin properly connected and not loose?


    You might have fried your system, especially with a MODXSTREAM power supply.
  4. Yes, the power connectors are all plugged in. The system was running fine with the Modxstream for 2 days, until the entire computer shut off.

    If I did fry my system, is there any way to confirm it?
  5. You can test your power supply:
    This isn't a guarantee though, do you have another power supply to test with?
  6. Yes, I used my old power supply that I replaced, but it still wouldn't turn on. I only changed my power supply to the modxstream because I needed more wattage, not because the old one stopped working
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