Mic problem after Soundcard installed

Just yesterday my Mic on my Astro A40's was working fine and everything. I had just installed my Sound Blaster X-Fi titanium and the drivers kept freezing my computor so i uninstalled them and went back to basic onboard audio,without taking the sound card off the mobo(if that even matters). I tried everything with settings and what not to my knowledge and nothing seems to work. Today i found out that what i play through my A40s speakers is what comes out of my mic to others. This is not feedback from speakers being to loud, as i had them turned way to low for that to occur. I did the skype call test and wen i was playing a song through my headphones thats what ended up being recorded with the test, in perfect quality. I dont know what setting i hit for the Mic to play whatever output audio is playing through headphones but im out of ideas. Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. You need to change the default recording device under "Sound Devices".
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