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I run applications (computational dynamics) that run all cores at 100% for days to weeks. I don't have the luxury of an air conditioned room 24 hours and it gets hot here.

What is the best option?
i7 3770K not overclocked for longevity of the processor as it runs cooler,
or i2700K overclocked as it runs cooler.

Reports are that the i7 3770K overclocked is not significantly faster then the 2700K, but runs hotter, and maybe less stable.

I don't want to burning up CPU's at the cost they are, but also don't want programs to crash 10 days into an 11 day run. And speed counts; every day I can save puts me one day ahead.
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  1. i7-2600k, the 3770k is roughly 3-4% faster and it runs much hotter! The 2600k will be the best choice! Plus, you can buy a cooler master hyper 212+ and use it as your cooler.
  2. Thanks for the advice amuffin. Lots of people seem to be saying that 2500K/2600K is a conservative (mature?) option with colder running at overclock, and there seem to be some dogs of 3770K's out there that run super hot, or don't overclock well. Thats the problem with new chips I guess.

    Its probably not an issue for people that switch their machines off when they are not gaming, but mine runs 4X100% 24/7 for extended periods. The software I use loads the CPU's at peak continuously (several billion integral calculations per day). I will off-load what I can onto a GPU, but not all software/models run on GPU.

    I am not too impressed with some of the temps being quoted when running prime - (4.6GHz @ 1.23v. 86C max after 12 hours of prime; max overclock on $300 cooling,
    4.7GHz @ 1.29v. 94C max after 2 hours of prime with RX360 radiator with 3 fans in pull config. XSPC Raystorm CPU Block, MCP655 pump on 4 out 5 speed setting).

    Some air cooling e.g. cooler master hyper 212+ temps (80's C) at conservative overclock are not too great either. V6-GT is a little better (70's). Can't be good for the life of the CPU?

    I think I will try air cooling with a high expectation of switching to liquid cooling solution if it gets too hot, and attention to case airflow etc.
  3. Start with a hyper 212+ Then move over to custom liquid cooling, such as the XSPC Raystorm RX360 kit.
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