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One of 3 fans not spinning - problem or normal?

Is this normal to have one fan not spinning when idle?

I just got a new GV-N570OC-13I Rev2.0 - I'm building a new PC which I can't boot up yet - waiting for RAM. But when I power on, all case and CPU fans spin, but only 2 out of 3 GPU fans spin - the one closes to ports is not spinning. I have both 6-pin power connectors connected, powering by XFX 850W PSU. Is this a sign of a problem? Or would this fan spin under load and it's part of card design to shut down one fan when not needed?

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    Most of the tri fan setups spin all 3 fans all the time. If one isn't spinning then I would see if it is bound up or has a power cable broken. If the temps aren't getting too hot I would just order a replacement fan. If they are getting too hot then shut it down and order a replacement fan.
  2. I exchanged it in the store - new one has all 3 fans working fine.
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