Gaming PC Rig for nvidia gtx 560 ti?!?!

Mk , so i play a virtual world named secondlife ^_^'

And my main purpose for this 'build' is that i would love to be a blogger / photographer.
of course . . . My graphic card cannot support such a modern game. I seen a video on youtube showing how it is using this card on this virtual world.

and by the looks of it , it looks like she can play it on maximum settings! and also i did my 'research' and they say the card works wonders on ultra/maxed out settings with newer games. So my request is that can u set up a pc rig for me for this graphic card ??!

i dont want to buy the wrong things :(
im a noob when it comes to computers so . . . can u please help!?!
also with the link so i can see how it looks like . . .

hopefully the parts could be under 900$!

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