Can I use these 2 video cards to get up to 5 monitors?


I just bought a dell xps 8300 and it only has 1 16xpcie but 3 1x slots
the video card I currently have on it is a GT545 was wondering if i could buy this radeon 5450 and put it in the 1x slot to get up to 5 monitors? thanks abunch would help not to familiar with all the new tech in video cards since i've been using a laptop the past 4 years lol
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  1. No. There are a lot of reasons why;
    1. You cannot mix an AMD/RADEON an a Nvidia card together , they just don't work together.
    2. Nvidis cards only support a max of three monitors no matter how many Nvidia cards you put together.
    3. You cannot put a x16 video card in a x1 slot , it doesn't fit and it doesn't work in that slot.
    4. You need two high end AMD/Radeon cards together in two x16 slots to get 5 monitors to work.
    5. x1 slots are only good for sound cards and network cards.
  2. ah kk thx, meaning in short i must buy a video card capable of running 3 monitors then since i only have 1 16xpcie
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