Need some advice on new GFX card!

Hey everyone!
Right now I am torn between two cards. Here are the links to them:

which one of these cards should I get? I heard that the 570 is better than the 6970 but I like the fact that it has 2 GB of memory. What are some of the pros and cons and which card would you guys suggest on buying. I am planning on getting two eventually of whichever one I get. Case size isnt an issue I have a full tower, I guess that I should also add that my main monitor is a 47 inch LCD HDTV. Any help and suggestions would be awesome!!!!
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  1. Given Wikipedia, the 6970 is almost twice as powerful as the 570 (based on gigaflops).

    With such powerful cards, you'll need a fairly high-powered PSU to go with it. The 570, according to the TDP in Wikipedia, needs 219 watts of power (which means you'll need 18 1/4 amps on a +12V rail) and the 6970 has 250, meaning you'll need at least 21 amps on a +12V rail. You should always include more amps than this for the CPU and other hardware.
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