Buy another 4890 or one gtx 560?

Hi, my desktop currently:
6gb ram@1600
Saphire 4890 overclocked@1ghz
windows 7 64bit
1920x1080p monitor.

The only game I have/play is battlefield 3 and I can manage it with everything on ultra(except terrain because I don't have dx11) and 1080p with about 20-30fps. I am in dire need of a new graphics card because while the game is still playable, i would like to have more frames. Now I have two choices:
1. buy another 4890 from newegg: for 70 bucks and crossfire and then sell both when new 7 series cards come out in the spring. What kind of performance increase would I be looking at here, and is bf3 crossfire friendly?
2. Sell the 4890 for around 50 bucks or so and buy a gtx560 for 160 bucks on newegg and wait for 9 series cards to come out years later.

What would you do?
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  1. WOW! 4890 for only $70! I bought mine for $200... Anyway, I have a 4890 too, and I'm upgrading it to 6950 2gb which is almost x2 the performance. Which gtx560 are you looking at? and mind if I ask where or how are you going to sell your 4890?
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