Radeon HD 5850 Problems?

So I have a ASUS Radeon HD 5850. As of right now it is not OC'd, but I feel sometimes my GPU is not putting up as good as it should. Most games (BF3, Crisis, etc.) do perfectly fine without lag. Though, then again games like WoW (before they released the DirectX 11 version, DCUO, etc.) LAGS...

Any ideas why this might be? I just ran OCCT, as I was reading up on somethings here, and was only getting about ~9-10 FPS, no errors though, but my GPU was hitting around ~70'C

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions? Should I OC, could that even be the problem? I mean, with those high end games, I run on max and have no lag, yet why does my GPU *** itself on simple games?
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  1. It sounds like your GPU is performing as it should if it can run BF3 or Crysis fine. What resolution and graphics settings are you using for those titles? As for the less demanding titles lagging, there could be other factors, it would help to know about the rest of your system. WoW can apparently be quite the RAM hog in some of the more populated areas, if you are running a lot of background applications, that might cause you to run out of RAM and that leads to framerate drops. Also, the less demanding titles you listed are MMOs, are you sure you are actually getting framerate drops and not just lag due to a slow internet connection?

    Aside from that, it could be your current drivers don't play nice with the MMOs for some reason, or there is a game issue. You may have to try different driver revisions, or look at reinstalling those games.
  2. I am now running those on 1920 x 1080 with usually top (ultra) settings - if it does lag I just drop down the big GPU hogs like shadows and stuff until it works, but for those for a fact work fine on ultra.

    In regards to the other titles, it's weird because some of those (like DCUO) my friends lag not 1 bit, unless it's a serve hiccup, where as I am lagging constantly and it's pretty much unplayable.

    WoW works fine now after they updated the game to work with DirectX 11.
  3. Do you have any other DX9 titles you can try? It could be there is a problem with your DirectX9 installation, causing DX9 titles to not work properly. Try running Crysis in DirectX 9 mode and see what performance you get.
  4. I just tested Crysis on DX9 and doesn't seem to be any lag or problems whatsoever. This is weird.

    Also you asked for my other info about my system:

    AMD Pheneom II x4 970 Black
    4 GB RAM
    1 TB HD
  5. That is strange. All I can suggest is to either try a different driver revision, or reinstall the problem game(s). Your card certainly is performing as it should on the more demanding titles so it is working properly, and there is no reason for you to have a CPU bottleneck. Is this happening on any non MMO title? If this is only occurring on MMOs, I'd be inclined to say it is some sort of network configuration or internet issue. Try running FRAPS in the background and have the framerate counter on screen while playing DCUO. See if your framerate actually is dropping below 30FPS. If it isn't while still being laggy, it means that for some reason your internet can't keep up with the game.
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