Help me figure out my HTPC Build

seems like the i3-2100t is the right processor -- maybe add an aftermarket heatsink? seems like they can be quieter and equal performance

blu-ray is a must.. not 3d since I do not have a 3d tv

motherboard is a huge ? for me.. is built in wifi available? I cant seem to find it on anything.

I would like to fit my system in a micro case but wonder if it will allow for good enough airflow

how much gpu power do I need or will the on board cut it... this will not be a gaming system.. I just built a ridiculous gaming rig in nov/dec

fanless psu??

4gb RAM oughtta do it right? do I need to use a specific voltage fot the 2100t? 1333/1600/2133?

SSD for boot drive seems like a good idea to me... 2tb of storage should last me a long time..

anything else I should be thinking of?

thanks for your input.
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  1. yes i3 2100 is good enough for an HTPC build, blu-ray samsung is good, for motherboard if yo uwant a small case you might want to go for a atx or micro atx mobo, but if you can find one that has compatibility with a huge mobo then go for it, i do advice on a mid tower, 4GB ram is well more than enough, i do advice not to go lower than 4GB well if your like me and go crazy with HTPC then yeah 4gb is the one you need, SSD boot drive for really fast loading and 2 TB storage is really good, that should do well
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