Will An "ATX" PSU Fit?

I found a decent cheap PSU and all it mentions about it's dimensions are that it's ATX, my current PSU is 5.9 x 5.5 x 3.4. Do you think most "ATX" labled PSU's would fit in those dimensions?

PSU I Want to Buy:
Current Computer Specs:
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    The case is an ATX case - it will fit.
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  3. Thanks for answering, just one other thing,
    :bounce: Should I go for this Antec VP-450P PSU instead? :bounce:
    And would that fit?
  4. Yes - go for the Antec VP over that Vantec.
  5. Thanks man, you were really helpful! :ange:
  6. Glad I could help - enjoy your upgrades!
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