CIT 80+ range?

so i need to buy a PSU on Tuesday and the PSU i had my eyes on(the Huntkey 80+ gold) has just been put out of my reach by a wrecked bike tyre and i read somewhere that CIT have an 80+ range, now my max budget inc delivery is £30 and I'm considering these 2:

I'm leaning towards the CIT atm but if there is an 80+ PSU within my budget i will see if i can get it, wattage doesn't matter but safety and efficiency are very important, it needs a 20 pin ATX connector and if you have any suggestions other than these i would also be open to them but im really just curious as to what i can get with my somewhat meager budget.
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  1. What are your system specs?
  2. this is just a dektop replacement? you don't plan to using a gaming video card i assume?
  3. I would rate CIT along with EZcool and Powercool..... landfill scrap

    Save up an extra £10 for that its worth the peace of mind
  4. the system currently runs on a 210w PSU, I'm replacing it due it being a server size and the system has a new case, its an old p4(the 530 model) I'm re purposing, i may add a low end graphics card in later so i can run windows 7 on it, Intel GMA 900 is far too slow ATM
  5. as for waiting I'm afraid that's just not an option, and if i was to wait i would be going for the Huntkey PSU, anyone know anything about the CIT 80+ range?
  6. bump out of curiosity
  7. like i say max is £30 including delivery, any info on the CIT 80+ range?
  8. Never heard of it. You can take a risk with it if you only has to deliver less than half its rated capacity so it should be good enough.
  9. The problem with a poorly designed psu is it rarely deliverers what it's specs say. How many posts have there been on Tom's where a crappy psu caused problems - you get what you pay for. If you don't care much about the hardware you're powering then go for the cheapest solution & cross your fingers.
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