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Hello community,

I've recently upgraded my video card for gaming purposes, however, before I go any further, here's what I'm working with:

PC: Gateway GT 5628


Here's what I've purchased thus far:

GeForce GTX 550 Ti
TR2 RX 850W (PSU)

The video card came as a suggestion from a coworker. After plugging the video card in for the first time and the computer not working...better yet, responding, I called the Tech Support for NVidia. The Technician explained to me the power requirements the GTX has and that my current power supply (from original purchase) wouldn't cut it. He suggested that I get a new PSU in the 800 watt range, so I did.

Here's my situation. Since the first time I plugged the video card in and currently my monitor goes to the Bios option screen (F2 or F10 options) and just sits there. I can't go to Bios when I hit F2 or F10, nothing happens. The computer doesn't seem to fully boot, because the screen doesn't progress like it normally does upon booting. I know the new PSU is working because when I switch back to the original video card the computer fully boots and operates like normal. It only stops at the Bios option screen when the GTX is installed. I have tried two different ways of providing power to the GTX. 1. Single line from the TR2 to the 6-pin located on the GTX. 2. Hooked the provided 6-pin to two Molex cables. in addition to this, I did uninstall the original video card & drivers and still can't seem to get anywhere with this.

I highly doubt there is something wrong with the equipment. I'm sure I haven't done something correct with either the install of the PSU or the install of the GTX.

If anybody can't help me out or at least point to a link, I sure would appreciate it.

Thanks for you time,

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  1. Since you have swapped out your power supply and the Pc now won't boot it tends to make me think that it has something to do with the power supply. Have you made sure that all of the power connectors have been plugged in. The important one's are the main power , the 24 pin one and then the cpu power connectors , that's the 4 or 8 pin connector near the cpu socket. Also when working inside the computer it's always possible that something got loosened up. check the ram sticks to make sure they are seated and the hdd , make sure the power connector is plugged in all the way.When you get to the point that you have cecked everything over and over many times , then you come to the possibility that either the video card or the psu is defective. Have you tried putting in the old video card back in just to see if you can get past where you seem to be stuck ,at least that might shed some light on what could be defective.
  2. Yes, I put the original video card back into the PC and the system booted just fine. I got on the internet and did a few minor things with the computer at that time. I didn't notice anything different in its performance to indicate an issue with the PSU. I'll reseat the memory and check for any wires that aren't connected.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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