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16x running at 4 : E350 technical

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November 24, 2011 2:21:41 AM

I am well informed on all this, however.. this seems to be an avoided topic for obvious reasons. It isn't bleeding edge.

The AMD E350 (hello GARY at ASUS where are the 450's already?) has a few graphics problems with playback, so I've read... wrt hardware decoding/playback of certain files. In any event.. can anyone with a HIGH level of expertise tell me what happens to an HD 6570/6670 DDR5 (new sapphire LP card) is installed onto one of those boards?

We know the 2.0 / discreet card specs, ok? 6670/5 runs at 1000/800. How far does it degrade running at 4x? How big a boost will it give the board? Obviously it will solve any problems and it's overkill for sure, like shooting Skrat with a 50 cal. I'd like to know the specifics. I am an avid, daily reader of Anand, MaxPC, Tom's and others - yes, I have read the 8 board round up. No one, to my knowledge has addressed this topic.

Specifically, does it only degrade the speeds? 480 sp, 24/8 etc., are still 100% active, right? Can't mess with that. Use it as an example for the math cs 6310/6320.

I am quite capable of OC'ing the board, in fact, I fully intend to, if necessary. Hey, it doesn't hurt does it? (LHe and BIOS revision might get it to 13.8?) NO! I am NOT a gamer - I have a life, thank you. Have 2x4 1600 GBXL waiting on a 450 IF they ever arrive! I give it a month... no reviews anywhere or wait for the next iteration.

Not looking for a newbie's "recommendation / opinions"... real facts, ok? This isn't just for the chipset/APU but for general knowledge. Guaranteed I am not the only one asking this question... noted 6450 would be ok. too, but how do you argue 480 over 80SP?

Let me hear from you. I am anxiously awaiting ANY response. Thanks... Lestr

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a c 254 U Graphics card
November 24, 2011 2:40:54 AM

In trying to decypher what it is you are asking I believe you want to know about running a video card on a x4 slot ? It can be done and there are several factors involved in the process. First there are cards that are specificaly designed for x4 slots and they are very capable video cards. Second if you have a x16 video card and all you have is a x4 slot it will work in that slot and the drop off is only about 15%. The thing is you have to have an open ended x4 swlot or you have to make it open. There are also adaptors that fit on a x4 slot and make it into a x16 physical slot.
November 24, 2011 3:01:32 AM


sorry about having to "decipher"... I tried to make it a bit funny and questioning. It is, however, rather specific for those in the know. (1600 GBXL is, of course, G.Skill 999-24 memory) a phrase designed to befuddle the newb's.

Almost all (99%) of the E350's have a full x16 slot. (Giada excepted) Therefore no problem with a "physical" 2.0 card.

Thanks for the 15% degradation estimate. Mathematically... 1000 degrades to 850? x4 = 3400 - still way above the E350/400. Am I correct?

Sorry to confuse.. I read too much on Max PC.. so full of sarcasm. BOttom line - is it worth the $100?

Thanks -


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a c 254 U Graphics card
November 24, 2011 3:47:03 AM

It is worth to the individual what ever it is worth and for whatever you are trying to accomplish it could be your solution for $100.
November 24, 2011 4:39:06 AM

100% correct... worth what it's worth.. Unfortunately I don't own a E350 or 450 for real world experience. that is what I am deciding on.

What I am trying to accomplish is smooth video playback at 1080p regardless of the source. BD, for example. HDTV via internet. Future proofing. 42" LG 120 MHz.

Basically I am trying to decide on getting a 350 now or waiting for a 450 release, if it happens, stateside. If so, is it worth the wait and have those problems been resolved. The video card could make that a moot point or it could make a substantial difference worth paying for OR blowing $ out the wrong end.

What bothers me are the reviews.... "You can stuff a discreet card in there if you want..." but the pros have yet to say.. "yeah. that's a good thing or don't waste your money." Catch my drift? There have been no professional opinions. NO benchmarks. Nothing.

In the last week Sapphire released the first single slot LP HD 6670 card with 1 GB DDR5 memory,to boot. NE carries it. This is for bedroom/server pc .. 24/7.. DVR what ever. If it degrades to the point of wastefulness, (overkill) then I'd be better off with a lower end card?. 28nm has been scrapped (as of today) and 40 nm resurrected for Brazos v2.0. See where I'm coming from?

I am well aware that I can build and FM1 for an ~equivalent $ figure. That's not the question. Low wattage and performance is. FM1 is EOL... 100W idle.

The reason I asked about the HD 6670 DDR5 it a substantial upgrade over the IGP... or not? 4x might make it a BS upgrade. it might elicit more answers, not to mention the HDMI capabilities. Stuff it into a Silverstone M03B + Seasonic SS300ET... Xtreme Gamer sound card - the weak link is graphics. T/F?

So far you're the only one with a clue. That's what I wanted. I don't want to go through 300 replies of various "opinions." <15%> is a worthy answer without the math. I was expecting a 75% reduction - 16x to 4x? 1/4. I am a bean counter not a EE.

You have yourself a good one and really appreciate an answer from one of the older members here. BTW Gary is formerly of Anand who went to Asus 3 years ago.