Graphics card upgrade/update help!

So I am a bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff. I have a dual processor 2.99GHZ and 3.00GHZ with 3GB of RAM. The only real game I play is company of heroes and my wife does architecture work. I updated the graphics card last year it was an nvidia Ge force 9500 GT.

Unfortunately the graphics card died and I am struggling now with the old one temporarily. I don't think I want another ge force 9500 as it died after only one year and I read constant issues with it. What is a good equivelant or slight upgrade?

My concern is, this is a specially built architecture computer by DELL that is now 6 years old I believe? WE have updated a few things but is there going to be an issue with graphics cards greater than DDR2 when I know our memory is DDR2 only? Is there anything I should be away of on compatibility?
Thank you so much for your help and time!
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  1. Don't worry,
    people get this confused all the time. If you have a dedicated graphics card or discrete graphics the card has its own memory and it has nothing to do with the system memory. Many cards today use GDDR5 memory, they are used in systems utilizing DDR2 or DDR3 system memory. Only integrated graphics use system memory, which is all I'm gonna say about that.

    2 Things everyone forgets when asking for video card recommendations:
    1) your monitor resolution
    2) your power supply

    Without knowing more I highly recommend the HD5670 video card. It has low power requirements so can usually work with OEM power supplies (like Dell), yet is fast enough to run most modern software. They go for around $70, but I would look this weekend for black Friday deals.
  2. It doesnt matter what speed your graphics card memory is, in relation to your system memory. If you take the same graphics cards, one with gddr3 and one with gddr5, The one with the gddr5 would be faster. If that is a PCIe card you are talking about replacing, a gtx 430, or gtx 530 would probably meet your needs. They are a bit faster than the 9500gt, and can be had for $60.00 or less..New egg has an MSI gtx530 for $55 right now..with a $30 cost $20.00. Anything more powerful would probably require a power supply upgrade
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