CPU cooler doesn't go faster even if the CPU reaches 60C

Seriously, I am pretty mad right now. This is the second time it does this, it's infuriating. The CPU is reaching 60C, and the cooler remains at 3500RPM. It DOESN'T GO HIGHER. Now, the CPU needs to cool itself so what does it do? IT UNDERCLOCKS ITSELF, which makes any game unplayable.

WHY THE HELL ISN'T THIS THING UPPING THE COOLER SPEED? I tried Speedfan, no dice, it does not give me any option to control the CPU cooler. Help?

My specs:

Asrock N68-S
Phenom II X4 945 stock clock
4850 GPU
Corsair 550vx PSU
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  1. download oc tuner, it has fan speed settings in it. you can get it from asrock's website. its in the same place you get your drivers. but under utilities.
  2. I tried that program and it doesn't work. It doesn't allow me to directly change the CPU fan speed only to set what temperature I want the CPU at and it doesn't go higher than 3500RPM.

    I really don't understand. Months ago the fan would go up to 5000-6000RPM to keep the CPU cool. Now it doesn't.
  3. open up the case and look inside, see if any wires/cables are rubbing the fan blades and slowing it down.
    Also, remove any huge dust blobs with your bare fingers (after grounding), by slowing pulling dust off from inner edge to the tip of each fan blade. Do this VERY GENTLY, don't exert large forces on the fan. :non:
    If this does work, simply unplug and replug the fans 4pin connector. :)

    Best thing however, if your comfortable with it is to pull out the entire fan and inspect it properly and clean it :)
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