Question about motherboard CPU compatibility

i just bought a used phenom ii x6 that uses 125W of power.
now i don't have the motherboard yet, so my question is: can i try the cpu on my old board that supports only 90W cpu's? i would only test it if it work.. wouldn't do any serious work!

tnx for any answers!
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  1. It probably wont work. No harm will be done however.
  2. As long as you simply boot up into windows, no problem. The only time the CPU will demand max wattage is under stress, like gaming or running an app that operates the CPU at near 100%. During boot up and light usage, you will be fine.
  3. If you get a new board, get one with a more modern chipset, doesn't have to be 990FX but a good A97 chipset will be stellar
  4. it worked! i'm so happy!
    tnx for all the info
    and i ordered this board:'s going to be sweet!
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