looking to build a new PC for gaming, wondering if this would keep up with and go beyond most next gen games. running them at alteast 40+ fps on ultra, i.e bf3, crysis 2, dirt 3, Batman AC, and also upcoming games like bioshock infinte.

Video card
power supply (too much wattage?)
16 GB (2x 8gb cards kingston cards)

outside of HDD, networking card, case and all that good golly crap, and other necessary components that might up game play? i know i could go with a 2400k or 2500k and over clock but that would mean a p67 mobo and im trying to stay at the current budget im at with those prices listed.

any opinions or help is appreciated thanks all ^_^
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  1. Use the format suggested in the thread about how to ask for advice . Its at the top of the forum .

    Also helps if you mention the parts you are buying by name . Im not usually interested in clicking links for you , but maybe others will be
  2. That PSU brand is a little cheap. Get a lower or equivalent wat PSU with a brand like crosair or seasonic. Also what about an SSD? That might be a bit too much ram for gaming; it will be 5 years before you need that much and by then faster stuff will be out.
  3. i agree 100% with thor220
  4. Check my sig :)
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