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Selecting GPU for my new system

Hey guys,
I have been recently customizing a new system for medium-low end gaming. I previously used ASUS 9500GT OC with a dual core 3.0 GHz and 4gb DDR2 ram. ( Pretty old system, huh!)

I have pictured a new system comprising of
Core i3-2120 @ 3.3Ghz and
8Gb DDR3 ram (cause RAm is really cheap these days and I had a few extra bucks).
Will probably be going for a Intel H67 motherboard (most probably DH67CL or DH67BL).

Now with that, I am really left with GPU selection. Been looking at

1. ASUS GTS450 @ 1GB DDR3 (103 US$) (EGTS450/DI/1GD3/GE 594MHz/1600MHz/1G DDR3/128bit PCIE)

2. ASUS GTS 450 @ 1Gb DDR5 (125US$) (ENGTS450/DI/1GD5 810MHz/3608MHz/1G DDR5/128bit PCIE)

3. ZOTAC GTS450 @ 1Gb DDR5 Thunder version (109 US$) (GTS450 1GD5 F1 PC 783/3608 1024M/128bit GDDR5 PCI-E)

4. ZOTAC GTX550TI@1GD5 (122 US$) (GTX550TI 1GD5 Thunder version of PB 1G 192bit GDDR5)

I tried for ASUS GTS450 @ 1GB DDR5 but it slightly exceeds my price range (the few extra bucks on RAM).
I don't know anything about ZOTAC. Tried reading some stuff and got mixed reviews so still stuck at the same point.
Really appreciate it.
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  1. I also wanted to add that the ASUS 9500GT OC is SLI ready. So is it possible to use SLI since all of these cards are SLI ready and would it make a big difference? ANd most importantly, should I do try that?
  2. Don't bother with the GTS cards, they get dominated by equivalent priced AMD cards. A 550 Ti is the lowest I'd go on an Nvidia card, any lower priced and AMD is your best bet. What's your price range?

    Zotac is a decent brand, but I'm unsure about their warranty/support.
  3. I didn't want to go to more than 110US$ for the GPU but seeing as they are marginally different price wise, I am confused. Also I viewed the features for GTX 550i and it was definitely greater than GTS 450. But it becomes expensive for comapnies like ASUS or GeForce. So ZOtAC was the only one within range. Zotac people charge differently for warranty starting at maybe 97US4 for a year warranty to 50US$ for three years. I will actually be ordering a card form China so this warranty is what they are offering.
  4. I just found an Inno3d card
    Innovision (inno3D) GTX550Ti game Extreme 920/4100MHz 1024M/192Bit DDR5 for 125 US$. Now i m really confused where to draw the budget line...:D
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    I would go with either an Nvidia 550 Ti or an AMD 6770. The 550 Ti is very slightly faster but if you can get the 6770 for $10 less, then go with that. They want $50 extra for 3 year warranty on a $110 item? That's ridiculous lol. As long as you can return it within 30 days to the store if something breaks then don't worry about the warranty IMO.
  6. I was actually looking for something that is Nvidia based because the support is better where I live. And i wanted to upgrade it because I really missed out on playing COD Black Ops, NFS Hot Pursuit, Crysis 2 etc etc on my current system. I want something that would run new games like Battlefield 3, COD MW3, Skyrim, NFS The Run, Batman Arkham City etc etc on decent resolutions with AA and at least medium resolution. Pls DX 10 made me lose Just Cause 2.
  7. What resolutions are you looking to play at?
  8. Around 1600 x 900 because I have a Samsung 22" LCD and i guess thats the resolution it operates on. And it might sound stupid but as a brand is ATI as strong as Nvidia. It is actually very hot where I live so I heard that ATI equipment is more susceptible to heating issues than Nvidia. That is one reason why I am actually scared of them....:P
    Also, would using an AMD basaed card on an Intel based system be problematic in any way?
  9. Both Nvidia and AMD cards have very similar max temps, it just depends on the cooling of the individual card.

    You can use an AMD card in an Intel system no problem.
  10. You can go with AMD Radeon 6770 if you mind. But if you don't want, get zotac 550 ti.
  11. This is what I think will have to make do.
    and that is really extending it.....:P

    Suggestions and/or opinions please. Would love to hear them.
  12. Looks good
  13. Hey thanx gmcizzle and refillable. You guys really helped.
  14. Could you suggest me a power supply? Brand and wattage?
  15. Look for 500-600w PSUs from Corsair, Antec, PC Power & Cooling, and XFX
  16. Your Welcome. I recommend Corsair CX500 (500W) I think it should be enough.
  17. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the help.
  18. No problem, good luck :)
  19. With my current customization, will this

  20. Why don't you get CX500 but CM 500W?
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