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hello i need some help i will upgrade my computer and I'm very confused between using my old cpu :Intel cor2duo e4600 2.40mhz or new athlon x2 250 3.0mhz and i will buy ati 6770 vga card and I'm afraid of the bottleneck issue and i Will play heavy games so what is the best one between the 2 cpu's
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  1. The Athlon for sure. And it will not be that big of a bottleneck.
  2. Its not as easy as switching to a new athlon x2. You'll be switching chipsets as well, and need to reinstall all the parts. The athlon will be faster between the two, but have you looked at other options as well? And what is your budget?
  3. the reason why I upgrading my computer my motherboard died so i Will buy a New mobo as u say the athlon is better i Will buy m3 socket mobo and my budget for the cpu 80 $
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