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Need GT525m help

I was messing a little bit more than I should have overclocking my 525m and eventually my computer crashed. Afterwards my card start acting a bit weird so I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them.

Everything seems fine luckily however for some reason my card refuses to clock down to a low power state (0.85v). It's stuck at the stock 600/900 settings running at 0.95v (40c) no matter what I do. I've tried putting the laptop in every imaginable power state.

Any idea's or insight would be GREATLY appreciated. I hope I didn't break something by clocking it too high while running Furmark.
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    try installing fresh copy of OS
  2. Thanks for the insight but Optimus seemed to randomly fix itself I guess. Now it correctly scales down to a lower clock speed at 0.85v.
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