USB to 3.5mm Headphone adapter not recognized through hub?

Hi everybody,

So I have a USB adapter that I plug my speakers into, and in an effort to reduce the amount of things plugged into my laptop had stuck the USB adapter into my 3.0 hub. Not recognized, and Windows says the composite device is not recognized through device manager. I have a 2.0 hub that recognizes it perfectly. Is there a certain USB 3.0 driver that I need in order to recognize speakers through the hub? Like I said before, if plugged directly into the laptop or into my 2.0 hub, everything works fine. Hoping it is just the hub, but figured I would ask incase there is a software fix that can be performed instead of ordering a different hub. Have tried reinstalling all USB drivers already, as well as updating chipset drivers and reflashing BIOS.

Any insight would be appreciated,

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  1. Hello !

    If I remember correctly, USB Audio needs a dedicated USB port. Plugging it through a USB hub won't work. You'll have to plug your speakers in their own dedicated port.

    Good luck,
  2. Many usb devices will not work thru hub by the way.
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