Need upgrade advice

Hey gang, I've got a custom- build here, looking to drop about $150 on an upgrade and im trying to figure out what'll get me the biggest performance gain for the money.

AMD 555BE unlocked to a quad B60
8GB 1600mhz gskill sniper
Sapphire 5850HD Xtreme
Corsair 650W PSU

I was also considering an SSD. Any ideas?
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  1. You could get a newer graphics card, but to see significant improvement, you would need to go up at least three rungs on this chart. Your power supply could handle it, but I'm not sure the budget can.,3085-7.html

    Here is another chart showing CPU's. Same 3 rung rule applies.,3077-5.html

    Maybe Core i3-2100 and h-61 mobo?
  2. Time for an SSD my friend, though it will not help with any game FPS, just load times. If FPS is your concern then it is time for a newer mobo/CPU or GPU, but like Tlmck said, that is going to be more than $150 for a significant improvement.
  3. If you have a crossfire board I would say add another 5850 ^_^
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