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Can someone please explain to me why everything is in French? Is there some setting I can change to make it English? I've looked in my profile and there doesn't seem to be anything there that I can change.
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  1. Looks like you got sent to the wrong mirror.

    Check your address bar, are you at tomshardware.fr or http://www.presence-pc.com/ ?
    Those are the two french mirrors. If you are, it might be something weird with your IP address, or it might just be that tom's is glitchy today.
  2. I do believe there was an update pushed out today that may have changed some things. Definitely check to see if you are on the correct site - the IP redirect might be doing some wonky things.
  3. Nope. I'm at tomshardware.com. The button I am about to push to post this reply says " Valider votre" To post a new topic says "Creer un nouveau sujet" and to respond to a message says "Repondre"
  4. Look at the flag in the top right hand corner. Is it the US flag?
  5. aford10 said:
    Look at the flag in the top right hand corner. Is it the US flag?

    Yes it is.
  6. Mine is ok, so the entire US mirror is not messed up. They're just trying to make you bilingual (look, you already learned some french!).
  7. Welcome to the "New" site update that has been promised for so long... How do you you like it?

    And hey.. you got to see it first !

  8. Oh tres bon - il est about the temps it occuree. :D
  9. OK, sorry to be a necro but I stopped using the forums here for a while because of this issue but now I am accessing the forums again on a different computer and with a different web browser than I was using before and everything is still in French. This can't be anything on my end, it has to be something on that end. Can someone please figure this out?
  10. I noticed something that might help. I noticed that before I log in, everything is in English. It isn't until after I log in that everything becomes French. There is some flag set in my account that thinks my default language is French that needs to be changed and I still can't see anything in my account settings that I can change that will fix this.
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