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Water cooling vs. air cooling

I am going to build a gaming PC next month, and I am starting to plan out parts, etc.

I have built a few in the past but it has been a few years.

I am planning on a budget between 1500 and 2000 and will either start with an SLI video card set up or have an eye to do it in the future. The processor will probably be an i5 2500k or an i7 2600k (I will be multi-tasking some).

My question: Is liquid cooling a necessity for a system like this? How do I make that determination?

This is something I have never done in the past and although it is a little intimidating (water and electronics don't mix!) I am game to do it if it is required.

Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated.
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  1. i would get better components (top end gpu) and get a h100 cpu cooler. keep everything else air cooled.
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    It is in no way required.

    You will get better temps when overclocking by having a liquid set up compared to an air set up.

    (But imo the increase of cooling compared to the price/risk isn't worth it for me at this point)

    As I see it, Liquid cooling is a hobby. For air, you can just buy a nice cooler and be done with it. Liquid set ups require constant maintenance, cost more, but will yield better cooling. But if you aren't planning on OCing an extreme amount, air is just fine.

    Just make sure to buy an aftermarket cooler. Stock coolers are terrible.

    Most people seem to recommend the Cooler master 212? i think that is what it's called. I have the Coolermaster V8 and it is awesome. Easily exceeds my cooling needs.
  3. hey icantspel,sandybridge chips don't require any serious cooling.a chap and good aftermarket air cooler will do fine.hyper 212 EVO is a great value for money product.for gpu,gigabyte 3xfan cooler(dunno the name) and MSi twinfrozer is great.MSi is my favorit :D
    a good case with good airflow will keep your temps under control :)
  4. Thanks for the info. Appreciate it!
  5. are you done? plz solve the topic.
  6. Although if you wish to pursue the water option, check out the Overclocking section, we have a collection of water guys there, and some of them are pretty damn good hehe
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