Not Sure if I Can Ground Myself With My Case.

I have the Cooler Master 430 and I think the whole case is painted. This is a dumb question, but is there any part of the case that is metal?

I would rather not destroy something expensive...

I don't want to buy an anti-static strap, but if I must I must...
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  1. If you can't ground yourself, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just don't work on a carpeted floor with socks on.
  2. if you have a radiator in the house touch the case and the copper pipe that leads to the radiator. but really in most modern houses theres no need to do it unless you have nylon clothing on or a nylon carpet. as both will produce static electricity... just touching the case whether its painted or not you will still earth you as long as the pc is plunged into the wall... more often than not paint will have metal flecks. which is enough to get rid of any residual current your carrying.
  3. Is there any easy tests using home materials that I can do to see if I'm grounded after touching something? I do have carpets, but they're really flat and I don't think they conduct electricity that much considering I don't recall getting shocked very often.

    I think I'm worrying too much.
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    touching the metal case will discharge static on you even if the case is painted. Think about times you have touched something and felt a shock..its usually a person or a painted metal object..(there arent many bare metal objects in a household setting) and yes you are worrying too much
  5. Your worrying too much.
  6. Don't happy! :)
  7. yes, don't worry... the only thing I could think that will ground you
    is the back part of the computer , where the PSU is located,
    (note: this is base on my experience)

    when the computer is turned on, I don't even get shocked at all,
    when the computer is turned off (all of the components are plugged in) I get shocked lol...

    when the computer is unplugged, it doesn't seem to give me any shocks ...

    all of us have different experience so... meaning to say I don't guarantee you'll have the same experience...

    remember... don't worry to much about it ;)
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