Can an intel c: hdd be put into an amd chip set computer ?

can an intel c: hdd be put into an amd chip set new computer build and still function as it did in the intel comp.? :o
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  1. Yes and No, you may have to tinker with it, or in XP, Delete the Intel SYS files, and then repair install. but a bit of tweaking should be able to get that install up and running like it used to.
  2. If you are not tech savvy, then the answer is no.

    If you are tech savvy, then the answer is it might be possible, if you know what you are doing.
  3. Hi

    You did not say if Windows XP, Vista or 7 .

    XP is more difficult as driver entry in registry for Hard disk controller has to be removed or you will get a BSOD when starting up on the new motherboard

    Is the old PC still working ? as you can make removing the hard disk controller drivers & registry entry the last thing you do before shutting down on the old PC

    The ubcd4win project has a program to do this for you, [fix hard disk controller]

    make sure you backup all important files before doing this

    If the hard disk is more than a few years old you are better getting a new, faster, more reliable hard disk and starting from scratch re installing your Windows & program software


    Mike Barnes
  4. If your wanting to save all your settings, game saves, documents, ect, you can use windows easy transfer (google it) to backup your user data.

    once reinstalled if necessary, just re-run WET and it will all be back from the backup file.

    It comes native in windows 7, but you can download it for older versions.

    but as per your question, it all depends on how old the system is and how the drivers are setup. If its running under a native IDE driver, you can set up the amd board as native ide, it may work right away. Thats how I have my htpc hdd setup, transferred the system drive through 3 systems so far. If windows is loaded under any 3rd party drivers, AHCI, or Raid you would need to load drivers and hope it works.

    little bit of info on that
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