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Need help with video card, power supply and motherboard compatibilty

I have a new built msi P67a G43 motherboard with an i5-2500k chip and DDR3 memory. My Radeon 6870 video card is going out on RMA. The board has 2 PCI slots. I have an old amd Radeon HD2400 video card with DDR2 memory (PCI connector). Is it safe to use this card in my Mother board?
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  1. Yes its. If is a PCIE card you can use is any PCIE type.
  2. Sosofm is right.

    Anything you can shove in a PCIE slot will work. The RAM on the card doesn't have to be the same DDR type as the one used by the motherboard.

    Many video cards these days have GDDR5 RAM chips on them and work just fine even though no motherboards support that kind of RAM. None to my knowledge anyway.
  3. Actually it's a legcy pci slot.
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    If the video card fits in the slot it doesn't matter what kind of RAM is on it.

    If you have a legacy PCI card with DDR RAM on it and an unobstructed legacy PCI slot then it should work.
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