Need Advice: Cheap PC to Power Google Earth on 42 Inch Screen

Hello All,

I'm the owner of a small trucking company. We have Qualcomm in our trucks and there is a Mapping Data interface that they use powered by google earth that shows the precise location of our tractors.

I want to set this up in dispatch on a 42 inch screen. What kind of PC can I buy that's not too expensive that would display this clearly?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Well the actual size of the screen dosn't matter, its the resolution (height and width measured in pixels) that matters.
    Most nice TVs today are 1920x1080p, I assume thats what your using.
    That said, running Google earth at 1080p isnt gonna be too hard for a computer, but the component doing the work is gonna be the graphics card.
    Just stay away from anything that says "Intel HD graphics" or "Onboarrd graphics" to make sure you get an actual card and you should be fine.

    Sounds like a cool setup, good luck!
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