Have oozing off 2 sides of CPU after installing heat sink...

First time builder here, was super careful but must have applied more paste than needed.

2- sides look fine, but after tightening down my 212 Hyper heat sink--I have paste oozing on the other 2 sides. One side it's on the edges of the chip uniformly--the other side: small puddle down side of chip and onto the green material of the chip.


Have I ruined the chipset?
Still early in the build--can I uninstall the sink and clean the paste off and try again? If so, how (method for cleaning)?

Used a pea-size amount but got 3/4 coverage--added a bit more for the last 1/4... obviously too much.

Last question: so no amount should be visible when tightening down the heat sink correct?

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  1. You put too much paste! Use some rubbing alcohol to clean it off!
  2. You need to clean it off. Some thermal paste is conductive, and if it makes it onto the chip pins or the motherboard, you will have serious issues.

    You have not ruined the chip, yet.

    Yes, you can remove the heatsink, clean the chip (90% Isopropyl alcohol & a cotton ball or q-tip), reapply, re-install.

    Yes, no amount should be visible around the edges, you really only need a pea sized amount, if that. I normally draw a thin X pattern personally.
  3. At least 70% isopropyl alcohol will work :)
  4. Thanks folks...

    After painstakingly cleaning everything, letting it dry, nailed the paste the 2nd time... all reassembled, and Day #1 is done--as am I.

    My brain, and blood pressure, are fried for today.

    Thanks again!!
  5. HA, I was supervising this project via skype, and I fell asleep. I said BB sized my friend! I feel like a jerk, I hope I'm not fired. :o
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