Cpu fan speed wrong?

I have an asus m5a99x with a hyper 212 cpu cooler. It is idling around 43 degrees which is way too high for this cooler and thermal paste (arctic mx2) when i'm in the bios,it shows the fan speed as being 1100rpm (which is too high to start with) and then in a second it will show about 1200rpm, then goes back down almost immediately. I've updated the bios and still have this problem.
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  1. You don't say which processor you have. And what the 43 degrees relates to... CPU? As far as the fan speed, what are you using to read the speed? If the reading is correct, it could indicate that your fan actually is alternating its speed. That could be the fault of the BIOS or the fan motor itself. Are you using the BIOS speed control for the CPU fan?
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  3. BIOS temperatures will all ways be high! This is because your processor is not in an idle state, because C1E etc. doesn't kick in until you boot into windows. Your processor is actually under a bit of load when you are in BIOS so those are load temperatures, not idle.
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  5. amuffin is right. If you want to see your temps from the operating system, you can download one of the many temperature reading programs. HWmonitor is a great free one.
  6. HWMonitor=awesome it tells you temperatures of all of your parts and tells you your voltage ;)
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  8. Thanks... I did not know that those things don't start until an os is booted. when idle, it is 36 degrees in windows. But when i try to OC, it gets too hot and shuts down. Which is weird because i should be able to OC with this cooler. My processor is a phenom ii x6 1090t by the way.
  9. How do you know that it shuts down because it gets too hot? If you cant get the OS to boot, it's an unstable overclock most likely. If you are raising the base clock to overclock, then your RAM is probably causing the shut down. We need more info. But before giving us the info, read a tutorial on overclocking if you haven't already. Everything we would tell you here is already said on those tutorials.
  10. it gets above 62 degrees then crashes, which is what amd says is the max temp.
  11. and this happens when it is under load.
  12. That's interesting. I don't know anything about that processor but 62 degrees under load seems low for the cutoff. That's where my Bloomfield i7 sits under load during an overclock. Maybe someone with that processor can help you.

    Is the CPU fan behaving as expected? Is it throttling to 100% under load? HWmonitor should have the fan speeds listed as well.

    Also, what is you CPU voltage? Download CPUz to check your CPU info. If you are using auto voltage in bios, the voltage is most likely too high which means more heat. manually set the voltage in bios and see where you sit. The voltage wont be exactly what you set, so monitor it carefully. Usually I will adjust the manual voltage so that it matches what the auto voltage uses. Then I will incrementally lower the voltage until it becomes unstable and bump it up a little after that.

    Also, you need to address the Vdroop issue. Under load, the voltages can be adjusted higher to compensate for Vdroop. Monitor that as well. Play around with the settings and monitor it to get a feel for it.
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