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I am currently using my old HP DV6000 laptop as my Media center, but has had a quite noisy fan for some time. I have also wanted to build a proper HTPC for some time, but just never had the cash to do so. I finally now can afford to put something together, and was wondering if it will be possible to use most of the laptop's components for my HTPC, such as the Hard drive, DVD drive, RAM and maybe the CPU? One idea was to even just build a special case using the old laptop mother board and keeping all components intact and just cooling the case with regular tower fans, but I have no idea if this would be possible. If not, I would purchase a mini-itx board, then would all my laptop components be able to transfer over to be used with the mini-itx board? Thanks in advance for any help with this topic. She's been a good machine, but I feel like i better do something before she burns up one day while watching a movie!

Cheers thanks!

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  1. Hard drive should work without issues, ram will if you have a board that supports the kind of ram the laptop did.
    CPU is less likely, but it depends if it's on a socket or not and if it's on a socket then it might be usable with the right kind of motherboard.
    If it's the Core 2 Duo model then it 'should' work with LGA775 mobos.

    DVD drive might work if it's a pretty standard laptop drive with Sata connectivity.

    Overall though, if you just salvage the Hard drive you can put together the rest of the stuff for ~400 bucks, depending on case selection.

    CPU: A6-3500 $89.99
    Mobo: Asus F1A75-LE $89.99
    Memory: Gskill RipjawsX 2x4GB 1.5V CAS9 1600Mhz $46.99
    GPU: built in to mobo+APU combo
    HDD: your current
    DVD: 24x DVD burner like asus or whichever is your favorite brand ~$20
    PSU: Seasonic S12II 520W $59.99 ( don't need this big Antec EarthWatts 380D is enough but out of stock at newegg, anyway ~$40-60 for a good unit )
    Case: Lian-Li PC-A04B Mini Tower $99.99

    Case is splurging a bit, but should look sleek as a HTPC.

    ~$405 + shipping.
  2. Cheers thats not a bad list there. I checked out how much a replacement fan is for the laptop and found its around $50, so now its just a matter of do I fix the laptop and keep it or fix it and try to get some money for it to use to build the HTPC. I wanna keep the HTCP as slim as possible. That Asus motherboard you suggested, will that display 1080p Full HD? If I do end up building my own I would definitely need something that can go Full HD and also do 5.1 surround sound.
  3. Ah yes, didn't think about the audio stuff, you might want to go with a slightly more expensive model like the F1A75-M PRO/CSM ( $20 more expensive )
    It has proper audio support with optical multi channel output etc and an HDMI port which will be useful.

    It will certainly run 1080p without issues.
  4. This thing looks like it has all the connections I am looking for, thanks! Is it hard to install a CPU on these things? I have never built a computer from the ground up, furthest i've gone with my old tower was install a graphics card and change the power supply.
  5. cpu is easy... if you put in a gpu its not much harder. the instructions will get you through it no problemo
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