Will GTX 560Ti and Corsair TX650 v2 work on my HP Motherboard?

I have a hpe-180t with the following specs:

Intel i7 920
Radeon HD 5450
stock 460watt PSU (delta dps-460db-3-a)
this MotherBoard

I'm looking to upgrade to the GTX 560Ti and Corsair TX650 .

I have two questions.

Will the gpu and psu work with each other? I noticed that the gpu needs 2 6-pin connectors to the psu, but the Corsair TX650 (as far as I know) only has one connector.

Will the gpu and psu work with the motherboard?

EDIT: I do not intend to get a second card nor do I intend to overclock.
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  1. yeah the tx 650 v2 psu does have the 2 x 6-pin connectors needed ive got one and its an awesome psu its very,very quiet and its got great reviews so i would say youre making a great choice.
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