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What is the best GPU i can get for around 100-120$ on an AMD system?

(I said on an amd system cause i dont know if you can use nvidia graphic cards on an amd system or you can only use HD Radeon.)

Plz reply and thanks in advance. :)
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  1. You can definitely use Nvidia cards on an AMD CPU. The reverse is also true - you can use a non-AMD GPU on an AMD CPU.

    For $100, there isn't much you can get, though knowing what your needs are will help. Are you intending on gaming, video editing, or just web browsing? The earlier in that list, the more powerful the card you'll need to get to make the most out of it. The 6770, if you can find a deal, is probably the best you're going to find with your budget. For video editing, you should consider an Nvidia card due to cuda support. The 550 Ti is about the closest you'll be able to get. For just web browsing, then pretty much any video card will do.
  2. Hmm, mostly gaming, and i have thought of the asus 6770.
  3. And DX11 cards of similar performance cost twice as much. If you want to pay double for DX11 go right ahead but personally I think that is what would deserve a LOL.
  4. What size is your PSU (power supply) some card require higher Watts to run. The GTX 550 ti's are not worth the money. Anything but those. I know I have two of them.
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