What graphics card to upgrade to (playing Skyrim)?


I currently have a 2008 vintage system with a ATI 4850 based video card running a E8500 (Core2Duo 3.16ghz) system with 8GB of DDR2 memory. I want to get some additional FPS out of skyrim than I am getting on the current "medium" graphics setting.

What would be the best bang for the buck to get a decent boost in performance over what I have now? I was looking at ATI 6770 and 6870 based cards.

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  1. The 6870 is the best bang for the buck and it's twice as powerful as your 4850 based on gigaflops.
  2. What's your resolution?
    And HD 6770 is probably the cheapest card you can get that will max out Skyrim and get playable frames.
    An HD 6870 is also a great card to consider.
  3. I am playing it on a Samsung 24" widescreen LCD with a native resolution of 1920x1200 but I don't have a problem running at a lower resolution than native if it helps out overall enough. I am sure that I am currently running Skyrim at something less than that right now on medium settings.

  4. Something better than the HD4850 for 1920x1200 is definitely a good idea but Skyrim is also rather CPU intensive. Overclocking that processor if at all possible would be a good idea.
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