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I'm trying to burn an ISO onto a cd, but the ISO is almost 750 megs. I have an HP 8100 burner, which I believe is capable of over burning. I'd heard that it's possible that some ISO's don't need all 750 megs, and that there is a way to truncate it on the copy. I have no idea. I am using Nero to burn the CD. What are my options? Do I need to get an 80 min cd and overburn it? Any way to truncate it? Thanks for all your help. I'm not positive this is the right board for this, if I should have put it elsewhere, let me know.

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  1. If you can, do a "test" or "simulation" first on a 700MB CD. The actual data being burnt on the CD should NOT be 750MB. At most, it will be a little over 700MB.

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  2. Just burn it on an 80min CD or 700MB CD. The iso file is normally larger than the actual size of the data burnt on the cd.
    I have burnt 800+MB isos on 700MB cds. Just let the Nero or Adaptec program do the work. Or you could even use Fireburner.
  3. i'm don't thiink it is capable of over burning, i have a 9100i and nero say that it is note capable of doing it
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