What does Hp do to stop you from the overdrive working with my AMD chip

Hp computer with an AMD 640 Athlon II X4 chip, I put an MSI R6670 video card in with a new 500 power supply. When I put fusion and overdrive on my computer my numbers went down why? Before the programs my windows experience was 7.1 after 5.9 why?
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  1. Yeah I've heard of HP and others doing this. Although there could be any number of reasons for lower scores after overclocking, its my understanding that HP cripples the BIOS to disallow overclocking. My guess is this is a liability issue, whereas they had computers being returned after failing post-overclock so they decided to just lock the BIOS and disallow OC.

    If interested in overclocking, I suggest you get a motherboard that is more overclocking friendly. I'd look at a 990X board, unless multi GPU appeals to you then you might consider a 990FX mobo.
  2. Hahaha, Windows experience is a bit of a flop, it's not real accurate... some hardware hasn't been added... and it goes of how much RAM you have and doesn't even consider the speed of the RAM, if you have ever done a Windows course or know someone that has... everyone rag's out on Windows experience. However! A windows update (including optional updates) may register the hardware with windows a little better and could give you your proper rating, if the rating is grey it means there is some unconfirmed hardware that it can't judge. But IMO the best way to judge your computers performance is to run a benchmark of some sort.

    I wouldn't worry about it.
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