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Help with video card model

I bought a new 1GB GT 240 off of ebay for 30 dollars. The video card was an unamed brand, and the driver provided his own driver CD. Windows XP device manager reported this card as being a GT 240 and having 256mb, and not 1GB, of dedicated memory. Then, I opened DXDIAG, and it reported the card as a GT 220! I tried downloading GT 240 and GT 220 drivers off of NVidia's website, but the installers said that "No supported hardware was found." Then, I tried the card in another desktop running Vista. Vista reported the card as a 1GB GT 240 with 256mb dedicated and 700mb shared memory! Today, I bought AIDA64/Everest, and it reported the card as a nVidia 9500GT! The core clock is 450mhz and the memory clock is 499mhz. I'll try the 9500GT drivers, but can anyone tell me what model it actually is? I'm pretty sure that the GT 220, GT 240, and the 9500 GT have more than a 450mhz core clock and a 500mhz memory clock
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